Topic: Final upload – how to keep same paper ID for final version  (Read 105129 times)

For the final upload (camera-ready copy) of accepted papers we want authors to only use the slots for uploads with the same paper ID as the original submission. How can we make sure that authors do not create new papers and therefore new paper IDs for their final versions of their accepted papers?

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Please consult the related entry if your conference has a two-tier (two-phase) peer review process (i.e., abstracts and full papers are peer reviewed).

If the full paper uploads are indeed final and not peer reviewed anymore (camera-ready copies), please enable the final upload phase here:
Overview => Settings => Conference Phases and Deadlines
Set the deadline(s) accordingly: Deactivate the phase for "Submission and upload of contributions" and activate the phase for "Final upload of accepted contributions (camera-ready copies)" (please see image 1).

Furthermore, please set the number of file uploads for the final uploads for the corresponding submission types / conference tracks (please see image 2):
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks

We recommend that you set two uploads to be required:
1. one PDF file which can be used as reference or be published directly (e.g. in the agenda), and
2. one WORD file (or a similar file format) that you can edit if necessary.

Authors of accepted contributions can upload final versions for their corresponding contributions (please see image 3).
NB: The upload of final versions must be enabled for the assigned acceptance status!

You can also set different alternative deadlines for each submission type / track.

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