Topic: Uploading 2 (or more) files for the final version of submissions  (Read 74651 times)

We want authors to upload two separate files for the final version (camera-ready copy) of a contribution.
How can we achieve this?

The number of uploads can be set to 1 to 3 for the final version (camera-ready copy) of a contribution.

It is often advisable to ask authors to upload their final version as PDF file and as DOC/DOCX file, so you can see how their contribution is supposed to look as a printed version (PDF) and you still have the option to edit it, if required (DOC/DOCX).

The number of uploads for the final version is set for each Submission Type / Conference Track separately.

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
... and select the respective Conference Track / Type of Submission and click the button "Edit".

In the section "Settings for Final Uploads" go to the option "Number of files to be uploaded for the final version (per contribution)". Please set this option to 2, use the options "User Information for File No. X" to enter some information about the files users have to upload and set the correct file extensions in the section "File Types" for the options "File Extensions for File No. X" (for instance "pdf" for the first file, and "doc, docx" for the second one). Please see image below.

Save your settings and test the configuration: How can I test the settings?

Please note:
It is not possible to upload more than 3 files as final upload. When authors have to upload more files, please ask authors to submit them as one file in zipped format (one ZIP file).

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