Topic: Uploading two (or more) files for each submission  (Read 88890 times)

Is ist possible to upload two files for each paper submitted?

For users of ConfTool Pro:
You can set the number of uploads to 1 to 3 for each submission type / conference track.

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
... select a submission type and click "Edit".

On the page that opens, please scroll down to "Upload Settings for This Contribution Type / Track" and do the respective settings / set the number of files required for each paper submission here (see image).

Please set the file types in the section File Types.
You find more information here: File formats for paper uploads

- If you want authors to upload several image files (GIFs, JPGs, PNGs etc), please ask them to upload them as one ZIP file.
- For final version uploads please see also: Uploading 2 (or more) files for the final version of submissions

The following answer is for users of the Standard VSIS ConfTool.

For the standard VSIS ConfTool,  there is only one upload slot and thus authors can upload only one file. However, you can ask authors to use a file archiver in order to combine several files together in a single archive file. For these purposes, we recommend the free file archiver 7-zip.

Please don’t forget to set the correct file format / type for the upload. Kindly be referred to this entry for more information: File formats for paper uploads .