Navigation in ConfTool

Navigating in ConfTool is straightforward. The basic elements to navigate are links. Links to options are displayed in bold and in a clearly discernible color. The function of each option is explained in the link text and directly below the link (see image 1). To be able to navigate back and forth between the menus, we will explain the menu and navigation bars that will help you to find your way through the ConfTool pages (see image 2).

Navigation Bars

The main navigation bar directly beneath the header of the conference includes central functions (see image 3). The button on the left-hand side will always guide you back to the last navigation page of the system. It serves as a simple back button and we advise you to use it instead of the back button of your browser.

If your ConfTool installation uses several languages, you will be able to switch between them by clicking on the country flag or the name of the language.

For most conferences, the current time and time zone of the server will be displayed (not your local time!). This feature is not a navigation tool, but it rather informs all users about the current server time and thus helps them to meet deadlines. It can be deactivated by admin users.

You can call up basic functions of your user account by clicking on your name.

By clicking on "Logout" or the exit symbol, you will end your ConfTool session.

Whenever you leave the overview page and select a function in ConfTool, an additional navigation bar - the top navigation bar (see image 4) - will appear beneath the main navigation bar. It includes "breadcrumbs" that will show your position in the structure of the system and can guide you back to your starting point.

By clicking on the printer symbol, a printable page will be generated.

The arrow pointing down allows you to scroll directly to the bottom of the page.

Depending on the content of the current page, this top navigation bar may also show a disk symbol. By clicking on it, the content of the page will be saved on your local hard drive as a Word document.

On the bottom of the page you can find the bottom navigation bar, which resembles the top navigation bar (see image 5). Here, an arrow pointing up allows you to scroll directly to the top of the page and you can also generate a printable page by clicking on the printer symbol.

Context-Sensitive Help Links

On many pages, you will find context-sensitive help links. They are marked with this icon: 

When your mouse pointer hovers over the icon, a tooltip will show you the topic of the help page. When you click on the icon, a new window will open that will guide you to the corresponding online manual, a specific section of the manuals, or a help page of the ConfTool support forum.

You can find the help link icon at the following locations:

  • In the top and bottom navigation bars, where the link will guide you to more specific information concerning the current page (see image 6).
  • In section headers: In this case, you will usually be guided to the main manuals (see image 7).
  • Next to a specific option or function: You will be guided to more information regarding this option or function (see image 8).

Navigation in ConfTool for Administrative Users

Users with administrative roles have many more options than normal users (e.g., authors or participants) and therefore also find additional navigation options and hints.

Navigation on Report Pages

On pages with reports, namely the list of users, participants, submissions and review results, you can find an additional navigation bar above the list. A search field on the left will help you to directly find the item you are looking for. If you enter several search terms, all items will be shown that match all of the terms. Please note that you can also always use the search function of your browser by typing CTRL+F.

The numbers and arrows in the middle of the bar allow you to navigate from page to page. On the right-hand side you can set how many items are to be displayed by choosing a number from the drop-down menu "Per Page".

Furthermore, you can select the order of the lists by clicking on the name of the category (header of the list) you want the list to be sorted by. Then click on the arrows to switch between ascending and descending orders.

In many cases you find several filter options above this navigation bar. Here you can select which items shall be displayed. The tab "show more filter options" will extend this element and show other, less frequently used filters (see image 9).

Additional Options in the Bottom Navigation Bar

On selected pages of the configuration section ("Settings"), admin users will find an additional option in the bottom navigation bar to enable further, less frequently used settings. Click on the text "Expert Settings Disabled" or the cogwheel next to it and the current page will be loaded anew with further options that are not necessarily needed for standard conferences. Please save your current settings on this page before you carry out this action.

When you click on the flash symbol (only visible on the overview page or if the service mode is enabled) the ConfTool user cache will be cleared. This is useful when you want to see changes you have made to the wording or other settings of the conference installation (see image 10).

Drop-down Menu "Related Functions"

The drop-down menu "Related Functions" will appear on the right beneath the top navigation bar on many pages for administrative users. Three different kinds of links appear in this drop-down menu:

  • Links next to double arrows will guide you to the previous or next settings page in a sequence of settings (see image 11).
  • Links next to normal arrows will guide you to pages that are connected to the current page with regard to content or function (see image 11).
  • When you click on the links next to the download and .zip icons, the corresponding download will be executed (see image 12).