ConfTool Pro: Prepare and Organize Conferences Efficiently and Easily

ConfTool Pro is a flexible web-based event management system for the preparation and organization of conferences, symposia, workshops and congresses – on site or virtual. Our worldwide customers range from small organizations, research institutes and companies over organizations such as the European Finance Association, the European Space Agency or the World Bank Group to well-known institutions such as the University of Cambridge, Purdue University or Harvard Medical School.

ConfTool Pro offers a number of benefits that will help you to organize your event as efficiently and easily as possible.

Software as a Service Solution with Professional Support

ConfTool Pro is a software as a service product (software leasing), which we offer on a per-conference basis. We install the system on one of our servers and adapt the colors and logos / banner to those of your main conference website in order to ensure a smooth, high-quality user experience. We will be glad to assist you in case you have questions during the configuration and use of the system.

Highly Customizable Submission and Review Process

The submission and reviewing module of ConfTool Pro helps you to organize the submission and reviewing process of many different conference types. You can customize the system to meet your requirements: ask for online submissions or paper uploads, define topics, submission types, tracks and submission formats and opt for open or blind reviewing. For conferences with multiple committees, you can also work with the optional multi-track feature. You can even customize the system to meet the common wordings of your event. Are you missing a feature? Then ask us for bespoke programming.

Easy Scheduling of the Conference Agenda

Plan the agenda of your event with an easy scheduling process in ConfTool. Define locations, times and sessions and assign each accepted submission to one of them to make sure that everyone gets to present their ideas at your event. ConfTool will inform you in case of scheduling conflicts of presenters. You can assign session chairs and moderators to sessions and add a discussant to each presentation. Enable the “My Agenda” function and participants will be able to pick their favorite sessions and create their own personal schedule.

Connect Your Community with the Discussion Function

The ConfTool Pro conference agenda can also serve as a communication hub: It provides group and personal discussion functions for authors and participants. Use discussion boards to facilitate the communication between authors and participants. They can have discussions on whole sessions or individual presentations. Participants can also send messages to each other to stay connected.

Organize Your Virtual or Hybrid Event

ConfTool Pro can support you in organizing and conducting your conference as a virtual or hybrid event. Presenters can add media resources like presentation slides with audio narration or short videos to their presentations that other users will be able to access via the agenda. For each session and each presentation, you can additionally link to external resources like live streams, video conferencing tools or any other webinar software.

Advanced Import and Export Options

ConfTool Pro provides advanced functions to import user data into ConfTool and to export almost any data from the system. You may import and export data from ConfTool at any time and as often as you need. Exporting data from ConfTool Pro is supported in several formats such as Excel, Word, CSV, JSON and XML. You can also use your exported data in mobile apps like Conference4Me or Whova.

Customized Invitations

You can send customized invitation e-mails to certain groups of invitees like reviewers or invited participants. Provide discounts to individuals or groups by using invitation codes. After you have sent out the invitations, keep track of who accepted or refused them. Just to make sure: ConfTool does not offer e-mail marketing services.

Flexible Forms for Participation Registration

The participant registration module of ConfTool Pro helps you to organize the registration process of your attendees and includes the management of participants and payments. Build your participant registration form with different participant groups, time discounts as well as any number of events and items. The registration form can also include conditions, dependencies, admission limits and further options. In case you are hosting a free event or your event is virtual – rest assured, ConfTool Pro has it all covered. You are stuck while setting up the form or unsure whether you got it all right? Just drop us a line and we will be happy to help you along.

Enhanced Payment Options

You can offer several different payment options to your participants, such as bank transfer, PayPal or credit card (via Stripe). We can also connect ConfTool Pro to one of over 45 online credit card payment systems. Incoming payments are registered automatically for any online payment method. Please note: We are not a financial service provider. ConfTool GmbH is not involved in the payment process and we do not act as an intermediary, either.

Full GDPR Compliance

We ensure full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All our servers are located in professional computing centers in Germany, no cloud services are used. We set up a separate database for each conference. All data will be deleted at the end of the project.

We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you. Please send us an e-mail with some details about your conference like the name and expected number of participants to