ConfTool Demo Installations

We offer two versions of ConfTool. "VSIS ConfTool Standard" is for smaller, non-commercial events. Conftool Pro was designed for larger events, events with mutliple tracks or commercial events. 

ConfTool Standard

You can find a demo installation of the standard version at:

ConfTool Pro

The demos of ConfTool Pro are located at: (English , German , Spanish , French ) (Polish , Slovak , Czech , Slovenian) (Italian European Portuguese Catalan , Romanian ) (Japanese , Simplified Chinese , Indonesian , Russian ) (Brazilian Portuguese , Arabic , Turkish , Hungarian )

Any combination of languages is possible, the above are only for demonstration purposes. Languages, currencies, date and number formatting as well as many other parameters can be configured (ConfTool Pro has full multi-language support). The registration form is set up in the back end using a web browser. ConfTool Pro has many more features than the standard version, is more flexible and e.g. also allows to customize the submission form.

These demo installations show one possible configuration of the system.

Please create a new user account to see how papers are submitted and people may register for participation.

To log in as a reviewer or member of the program committee, please use "johnson" with the password "johnson". Currently all "phases" (bidding, reviewing, discussion...) are activated for demonstration purposes. In productive use that won't usually be the case.

You can access the back-end where the system is configured using an admin account. Please send us an e-mail at and we will send you the login details.

The Pro version offers additional user roles like the Conference Chair, the Conference Assistant and the Student Volunteer.

If you would like to test the back-end of the system in more detail and create a configuration of the system yourself, please contact us at We can provide a personal demo installation where you can test all settings, but allow us 2-3 business days to install it for you.