ConfTool Introductory Course

First time users of ConfTool can benefit from an online introductory course.

The personal live webinar ConfTool Introductory Course with slide presentations, screen sharing and room for your questions lasts about one hour and is offered for 99.00 Euro (plus VAT, if applicable).

If this is your first scientific conference or if it is the first time that you will use conference software to help you with the process of organizing submissions and / or participants, it could be a good idea to start off with a short live introductory course that is offered by ConfTool.

A representative from ConfTool will introduce you to the basic concepts of the software using your personal installation as a model.

The online introductory course is held by means of an online meeting tool that runs directly in your browser. There is no need for you to install any further software. The basic technical requirement for the course therefore is a stable internet connection. Please set aside about one hour of your time for this seminar.

The "ConfTool Introductory Course" covers the following topics:

  • User Registration and Login: How do users register and login?
  • Navigation: What is the easiest way to navigate within ConfTool?
  • User Roles: What is the advantage of different user roles with specific user rights?
  • Configuration Basics: What is the best and easiest way to carry out the configuration?
  • Testing: How can I see the software from other users' perspectives?
  • Reports: How can I generate reports for submissions or participants?
  • Further Help: Where can I get additional assistance?

The course will of course also leave enough room for your questions. After the seminar, you will receive a handout with the most important aspects that were covered, including a list of answers to questions that could not be answered in full during the course itself.