Topic: Upload of file for submission seems to be impossible  (Read 64685 times)

One of the authors complains about not being able to upload the file for submission.
How can we solve the problem?

There can be several reasons for this, so first of all:
  • Please check if you or your author can reproduce the problem.
  • Ask the person for more detailed information about the problem, for example if there is an error message.

Sometimes the user may simply have a very bad or slow internet connection.
If that is the, please ask the author to e-mail the file to you, so you can upload it for him or her.

For all other fixes, please go to the relevant submission type / track in which the paper has been submitted to check the settings:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
  • Please go to the option “Number of Uploads Required for This Submission Type per Submitted Contribution” and check the settings. If the number of uploads is set to "0 (Disabled)", authors cannot upload a file. Please choose a number between “1” and “3” to enable uploads (see image 1). Have a look at more background information here: Uploading two (or more) files for each submission
  • Please check the option(s) "File Extensions for File No. X” to make sure that this option is configured correctly. In order to make sure that the file type is accepted, you might simply select one from the list that is provided (see image 1). You will find more information about file types here: File formats for paper uploads
  • The further upload settings for uploads might be enabled and keep the author from being able to upload a file. Please activate the expert settings on the bottom of the page first. Then go to the option(s) “Upload Options for File No. X” and check the settings (file updates might be locked, new updates might be locked, the slot might be closed altogether; see image 2).
Please test your settings, i.e. do a test submission: How can I test the settings?