Topic: Using ConfTool to upload presentations shortly before the conference  (Read 12147 times)

We want all presenters to upload their presentations just right before the conference. We noticed that ConfTool has a final upload function that might be used for this purpose.  However, we have already made use of the final upload function for the camera-ready copies and do not want to allow authors to update the files they have already uploaded.
How can we allow authors to upload new files while already uploaded files remain untouched?

(A German version of this article is available.)

There is an additional option for all upload slots that will allow you to define the behavior of each upload slot. There are three settings available:
  • Files can be locked: this allows exactly one upload as long as no file has been uploaded. Once this new upload has been carried out, the file will be locked and no further updates are possible
  • Files can only be updated: this allows updates only. No new uploads are possible, only existing uploads can be updated (also several times)
  • Files are closed: this means that an existing upload is visible, but closed. Neither new uploads nor updates are possible.

In our example, presenters of accepted submissions are asked to upload the PowerPoint presentation just a few days before the conference. Two upload slots for the final upload have already been filled with the PDF and Word versions of the camera-ready copy. These uploads are to remain unchanged.

Please go to the submission type / track:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
… and scroll to the bottom of the page to activate the expert settings, e.g. by clicking on the cogwheel. Select a submission type and click on "Edit Submission Type / Track".

Please go to the section “Settings for Final Uploads”. Change the option “Number of Files to be Uploaded for the Final Version per Contribution” from “2” to “3” and include a “User Information for File No. 3”. Continue to define a “File Extension for File No. 3”, in our example “pptx”.

In the subsection “Further Upload Settings” choose different settings for each option “Upload Options for File No. X”. For the first two uploads, choose “Close: disable new uploads and file updates”. For the new file that presenters are supposed to upload, choose “No special options”.

Finally, via “Accessibility of File No. X” define which files are supposed to be visible in the agenda (see image 1).
Please make sure that final uploads can be carried out, e.g. by enabling the corresponding phase. You will find some additional hints in this entry in the forum: Final version cannot be uploaded

Authors will now be able to use the final upload function in their accounts. The first two uploads will be displayed, but hints will appear informing the author that these slots are closed. Only the third upload slot will be open for new uploads where authors now can upload their presentation as a PowerPoint file (see image 2).

Additional examples for practical applications for the different settings for the “Upload Options” are:
  • You want to allow authors to only update one of several existing uploads, e.g. when reviewers ask for a revised version or a paper has received an “Accepted with Reservations” status. In that case, the setting “Update Only” can come in handy.
  • Lock File” as a setting could work out when you ask for several uploads and one of them is e.g. a signed form that is necessary for all authors because of legal reasons but will not be part of the reviewing process.

Please do not forget to test your settings.

Hints: In case you have not used final uploads so far and you still want to receive a PowerPoint presentation, check these ideas:
  • If you have not worked with uploads at all so far, simply use the final upload function for the presentation upload, please see: Final upload – how to keep same paper ID for final version
  • Please be aware that once you enable the final uploads, in the agenda only files from the final upload slots will be available. You cannot display a Word file from the first round of uploads and a PowerPoint file from the final round for one submission at the same time.
    So if you have received uploads that are also shown in the agenda, but did not use the final upload function so far,  we recommend using the same “Upload Options for File No. X” in the section “Upload Settings for This Submission Type / Track” which define the options for normal or first uploads instead of the final upload function.
  • To make navigation easier for users, you might want to change the wording for some links that appear in authors’ accounts. Example: For the link “Final Upload” you could change the wording to “Upload PowerPoint”. You will find more information here: Making the keys/codes visible that are used for the phrases of ConfTool Pro
  • In case you have already used all 3 upload slots, we can delete the content from one or two of those slots so that authors can upload new files. Please export the current files beforehand. Please contact us for further queries.