Topic: How can I test the settings?  (Read 67410 times)

How can I test the configuration of my ConfTool installation?
How can I login as an author to test the settings and to be able to inform them about the next steps ?
How can I test the registration for participation as a normal user?

(A German version of this article is available.)

Create Test User Accounts
To test the settings of ConfTool it is advisable to log in as a "normal" user because administrative users (admins, chairs, conference assistants) have more options than normal users and deadlines do not apply to them.

Please create a new user account without administrative rights if you do not already have a test account.
You can do so via the login page when you click on "Register New".
If this option is not available, the registration for new users is currently disabled (see "Phases and Deadlines").

Alternatively, you can always create new user accounts using "New User" on the overview screen for administrators.

The test account allows you to see the system as other "normal" users do.
You now can test paper submission and/or participant registration.

Log in as User Without Admin Rights
Another option for admins is to log in as one of the existing users, for instance to test the reviewing options.
Please go to the list of users:
Overview => User and Participant Management => List of All Users
... and in the column "Action" click on "Login as" to login as this specific user (see image 1).

Enable the Service Mode
If you want to test the settings and avoid that other users log in during this process, please activate the "Service Mode" of ConfTool Pro.
Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Main Setup
... and for the option "Enable Service Mode?" choose the setting "Yes" to prevent regular users from logging in (see image 2).
Do not forget to disable the service mode after your tests.

Use Several Tabs or Browsers
You can use several browser windows or tabs simultaneously, e.g. one tab showing the settings, the other the submission page.
However, you will not be able to log into two different user accounts at the same time when you work with just one browser.

Open two different browsers, e.g. Firefox and Chrome, in order to start two concurrent user sessions: You can now log in as two different users.
Certain updates in the backend will only be made visible when the test user first logs out and then in again.

Further Information
You can find additional information for testing here:
Getting Started – Main Modules and Basic Concepts of ConfTool.

A test of the paper submission form as well as a test of the review form can easily be performed on the page:

Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types/Conference Tracks

Please select a submission type/conference track from the list and move the cursor to the drop down menu "Related Functions". Here you can access the test form for the chosen submission type/conference track by clicking on "Test paper submission form for track '...'" and "Test review form for track '...'" (see image 3).

You can find further information regarding tests of the review form here:
How to modify and test / preview the review forms

Likewise, you can preview the form for participant registration.

Please call this page:
Overview => Settings => Manage Events and Items

Open the drop down menu "Related Functions" and click on "Test the registration form (view of administrative users)" (see image 4).
A new window will open. There, you will find all input fields and options on a preview of the participant registration form.

Please be reminded that this is a slightly modified form for test purposes only. The actual participant registration is divided into several steps. You should also test by actually carrying out test registrations with test users!