First Log-In to ConfTool, System Setup and Vital Tests

First Log-In

If everything went correctly, ConfTool should now be up and running. Please open a web browser and enter the URL you have chosen in your httpd configuration file, e.g.

Please use this address only when you link from your main webpage to the ConfTool installation. Please do not link to other addresses that lead to a page or function within the system.

Once you call the address, you should be directed to the login page.

During the database initialization some standard settings as well as the default administration user are installed. The initial username of that user is "admin," the password is also "admin". Now, please log on as administrator, go to "User Data" and change the password for the admin user and update the e-mail address with the address of your conference administrator.

Registration of new users can be done at the same address where you just logged in as administrator. However, new users naturally do not have administrator rights.

Basic Configuration of Conftool

Log in as "admin" and go to:
Overview => Settings
Here, most parameters of the system can be set. Please get started by looking at the manual for novice users here: Getting Started – Main Modules and Basic Concepts of ConfTool

First, the main parameters such as the conference name and the organizers' data have to be defined here:
Overview => Settings => Main Setup

Second, the e-mail parameters and the dates for the different phases of your conference (Submission, Review, Final Upload, Registration for Participation etc.) should be defined. We strongly recommend deactivating currently unneeded parts of the system! For example, it doesn't make sense to allow entering reviews or access to the review results while the submission is still in progress, or to allow registration for conference participation before all options and prices of the conference have been defined. You can update the deadlines at any time.

Continue to configure your ConfTool settings. Most settings and functions are described in the system. If you don't understand a setting, it's usually not relevant for your event and you can keep the default configuration.

For detailed explanations and examples, take a look at the Documentation for the Configuration of ConfTool and we also recommend the search function of our ConfTool Forum.

If you encounter any problems or have suggestions, please let us know.

Important Tests of the Functionality

The following settings are known error sources and should be tested carefully:

  • Is the mail server configuration correct?
    This can easily be tested by using the function "Forgotten your password?"
  • Does the up- and download of papers work well?
    Upload a large file and to download it afterwards.
    If you use HTTPS, please also check if you can download papers using the Windows Internet Explorer, as some versions have a serious bug in the https implementation. ConfTool has corresponding workarounds; however, they require that your PHP configuration does not explicitly prevent the caching of files by the browser.
  • Are all parameters of the configuration set correctly? Please create test user accounts and check all functions (i.e. submission, reviewing and participant registration).

If you have problems, please check your settings by calling info.php and look at the FAQs before sending a mail to us!

We hope your conference is going to be a success and look forward to receiving constructive feedback after the event.

Good luck!

Harald Weinreich