Downloading Multiple Files from ConfTool

Table of Contents
A) Downloading Multiple from ConfTool Pro
     1. Reviewers and PC members
     2. Administrators and Chairs
     3. Hints
     4. Generate Filenames for the Downloads
B) Downloading with DownThemAll

You can easily download single files from ConfTool by clicking on the corresponding links or the icons before them. If you want to download several uploaded files in one go, there are two different options. The first one - downloading multiple files as a ZIP-file - exists only for ConfTool Pro, the second one - using an external application - can be used for all versions of ConfTool.


A) Downloading Multiple Files from ConfTool Pro

As an administrator, chair or reviewer, you might want to download several files in one go.
Please follow our step by step instruction for the different user groups: reviewers / members of the program committee or administrators and chairs.

1. Reviewers / PC Members

  1. Login to your ConfTool account.
  2. Go to the list of all reviews assigned to you ("Enter and Edit Reviews").
  3. If applicable, you can apply a filter to limit the reviews.
  4. In the box "Actions" on right-hand side, click on "Save files of current page as ZIP" to start the download.
Image 1: Download multiple files for reviewers - click to enlarge

2. Administrators and Chairs

  1. Login to your ConfTool account.
  2. Go to the list of all submissions.
  3. Choose from the filter options to refine your results, if required.
  4. Open the dropdown menu "Related functions", which you find on the right hand side beneath the navigation bars.
  5. Use one of the two options:
    • Save files of current page as ZIP: This option will create a ZIP file with all documents from submissions that are displayed on the current page.
    • Save all files as ZIP using current filter settings: This option will create a ZIP file with all documents from submissions for which the current filter is true. It will include all files, i.e. also those that might not be displayed on the current page due to settings of the "Per Page" option in the list itself.
Image 2: Download multiple files for chairs and admins - click to enlarge

3. Hints

  • You get access to additional filter options when you click on "Show more filter options".
  • When you use the filter "Select Version", you can also filter by "Accepted Contributions with final uploads", e.g. if you want to download final, camera-ready copies.
  • The files will be compressed and stored as a single ZIP file. To decompress the file, you can use for example the open source software 7-Zip for Windows.
  • Please note that file names in ZIP files can use 8-Bit ASCII characters only. That means that only latin characters, numbers and frequently used special characters are supported. Usually you can also use ISO-8859-1 characters, but even they may cause problems. If you use the "generated filenames" of ConfTool and the files have other characters than latin in your file names (Chinese, Arabic, Japanese etc.), please use "DownThemAll" as described below instead of using the ZIP download.

4. Generate Filenames for the Downloads

Please be advised that administrative users can also automatically generate filenames for all downloads on the overview lists according to a pattern specified in ConfTool.

Go to this page:
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Paper and Abstract Submission

In the section "Defaults for Uploads and Downloads" you can find the option "Compose format of generated filenames" for which you can define the name for paper downloads.
You can update this setting at any time.

Image 3: Settings for generated filenames - click to enlarge

B) Downloading Multiple Files Using DownThemAll

If you have to download many files at once (e.g. PDF documents) and maybe even rename them with a specific pattern, we recommend to use a  Firefox-based browser that supports the XUL-Interface (like Waterfox) and the browser add-on extension "DownThemAll".

Please follow our step by step instruction on how to download multiple documents with DownThemAll:

  1. Login to your ConfTool account.
  2. Go to the according page, for instance, the list of all reviews assigned to you, or the list of all submissions (if you are a chair or admin). Please note that you can access all files at once if you set "Per Page" to "All" for overview lists.
  3. Select the item "DownThemAll" from the "Tools" menu of your Firefox browser.
  4. Select a local download directory (see screenshot below).
  5. Set a filter for your downloads:

    1. For instance select "Documents" if you want to download all PDF files.
    2. You can also set a filter by file extension: Enter the filter "*.pdf|*.doc|*.ppt|*.rtf|*.docx|*.odf" to download the corresponding file types only (see image below).
    3. Third example: If you want to download all PDF files in their anonymized form from the overview list, enter Contrib*.pdf.

  6. Start the download.
Image 4: Screenshot of DownThemAll! - click to enlarge

Please note: If DownThemAll does not work, you have to update a setting in the Firefox configuration, as Firefox 3.x has a known bug. To make DownThemAll work again, enter "about:config" in the address bar, accept the warning (see left image below), search for "network.cookie.cookieBehavior" and set its value to "0" (see right image below). Alternatively you can enable "3rd party cookies" in your privacy settings.

Image 5: "about:config" in address bar - click to enlarge
Image 6: Value 0 "network.cookie.cookieBehavior" - click to enlarge