VSIS ConfTool License for Smaller Non-Commercial Events

Please consider that VSIS ConfTool is an open/shared source system, but NOT freeware! The copyright is owned by Harald Weinreich and VSIS, University of Hamburg.

We offer a free license for VSIS ConfTool for non-commercial events if these events are organized by academic, non-professionals, and non-regular organizers. They must have no more than 150 participants, moderate fees and student discounts.

If you want to use ConfTool under other conditions, we offer different license models. The license costs depend on kind and size of the event. 

If you expect more than about 150 participants, you should definitely have a look at ConfTool Pro.

Please send your inquiry to requests@conftool.net.


License Terms

To get the standard version of ConfTool and a free license to use it for a non-commercial conference, you also have to confirm the license terms for such events (by e-mail). 

This license counts per conference:

  • Don't give the software or parts of it to others without our explicit approval.
  • Don't use it commercially (sell it or parts of the code, use it for commercial events).
  • Give us feedback (on what can be improved etc.)
  • If you improve the tool, let us have the altered sources so we can integrate your improvements into the official version.
  • You must not remove our copyright information.
  • You use the software "as is" and pass on all warranty claims.

Please note that these terms may change for future events.

Further Terms and Conditions

  • You use the software at your own risk. Although, we consider the software stable, we refuse any liability for loss or damage caused by VSIS ConfTool or ConfTool Pro. If you do not accept this, please do not use ConfTool! If you find out about any problems, please let us know immediately.
  • The license is a "per-conference license", i.e., it counts only for the conference, for which you want to use ConfTool. If you e.g. use the software for a second conference, you have to inform us about it again and confirm that you will adhere to the license terms. That way, we also want to stay informed about the usage of ConfTool.

Current Version: 1.8.22 (January 27, 2024)

Harald Weinreich, Hamburg, 2024