Topic: Are names of authors visible to reviewers?  (Read 63137 times)

Can reviewers see the authors' names or are the submissions anonymized?
Can I change this setting?

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It depends on the configuration of each submission type / conference track whether the review process is double-blind (anonymous) for reviewers.

By default, authors' names are not shown to the reviewers, but you can disable the double blind review for each submission type / conference track and display the authors' names and organizations to the reviewers.

Please proceed to this page:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks

Select the corresponding track, click on "Edit Submission Type / Track", and on the new page scroll down to the section "Review Options".
For the option "Double Blind Reviews" choose either double blind reviews or single blind reviews (see Image 1).

  • Please note that file names are always renamed according to a generic scheme (e.g. "Contribution_100.pdf") for the reviewers, but the contents of the files are of course not altered / anonymized!
  • Document properties of PDF files providing information about title, author, subject and keywords (see tab description) will be removed automatically during the upload process (see Image 2).
    Please take a look at this entry in the forum for more information:
    How to remove author information from Word documents or PDF files?
  • If you need anonymized submissions (for the review process) and "normal" submissions (for publication), you can also ask for two file uploads for each submission and disable the access of reviewers to the non-anonymized files. This can also be done here:
    Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
    Please go to the section "Download Settings" and change the settings for the options "Accessibility of file No. X" accordingly.
  • Please be informed that members of the program committee have the same rights as reviewers plus added functions.
    See: User Roles and Statuses in ConfTool
  • Please also refer to:
    Are names of authors visible to PC members?