Topic: Reassignment of the presenting author / presenter of a paper not possible  (Read 62514 times)

We want to reassign the presenter for a full paper that has already been submitted and accepted, but have tried without success so far.
How can we choose a new presenter for a submission?

There is a difference between submitting authors and presenting authors in ConfTool Pro.
Please check more detailed information on how to define the presenting author of a submission and on how the user status "presenter" is used.

If you want to change the presenting author of a submission, you have several options depending on the configuration of the system:
  • First, if the selection of the presenting author is disabled, you can change the submitting author for the submission to update the user marked as "presenter". If you want to change the submitting author, please check first if the new submitting author already holds a user account (you can always create new accounts in the back end). Then go to the submission details and in the box "Actions" click on the option "Change Submitting Author" (see image 1). Continue to enter or select a new user as submitting author by either choosing a user ID from the option "New Submitting Author" or by entering a valid User ID in the field "User ID" (see image 2).
  • Moreover, for each submission type / conference track you can allow authors to select a presenter for each submission
    Please go to:
    Overview =>Settings= >Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
    ... and for the option "Presenting Author" choose either the setting "Yes, exactly one" or "Yes, one or more" (see image 3).

    When you edit a submission, you will now find radio buttons (one presenter) or check boxes (several presenters) right next to the fields with the authors' details. Please use this option to select one or several presenting author(s) (see image 4).
  • There is another option that does not require to update the configuration:
    During the upload of the final version / camera-ready copy the presenting author can always be selected (even if this is not enabled for the submission type).
    If you are working with a final upload phase in your conference, go to:
    Overview => Manage Submissions and Reviews => Accepted Contributions with Final Versions
    ... and click on "Edit Final Details" in the right-hand column to update the presenter (see image 5).
    Then continue to choose the presenting author (see image 6).

    Please also have a look at the documentation for the final upload function.
  • Finally, if your organization defines that the first author shall always be the presenting author, you can change the presenter by changing the order of authors. However, we recommend to double-check such an update with the authors first, as it might cause controversy among the authors. To change the order, go to the submission details and in the box "Actions" click on the option "Edit Contribution Details". Then use the arrows to change the order of the authors (see image 7).

    Please note:
    You can also enable an option that highlights the first author (or the submitting author) as presenter in the agenda.
    You can enable this function here:
    Overview => Scheduling => Main Settings for Conference Session Overview
    ... then please go the section "Display Options for Presentations" and update the option "Default Presenting Author" accordingly (see image 8 ).