Topic: Status „Presenter“ (Presenting Author) is not correctly set  (Read 60105 times)

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We have followed the advice in this entry in the forum: How to define the presenting author / presenter of a paper.

However, we feel that the presenting author is not correctly set. What could be the problem and how can we solve it?

ConfTool uses the following rules to define the presenter / presenting author:

First, ConfTool will look for the user who has been marked as a "Presenter" AND check if there is a corresponding user in the database with the exact same e-mail address. If there is a match, this user will become the "Presenter".

Second, ConfTool will use the person, who is the submitting author for an accepted submission AND one of the following are true:
  • either no other user has been marked as a "Presenter"
  • or no other user could be found in the database with the exact (!) same e-mail address
           who was marked as "Presenter".

What you can do:

A) Check the e-mail addresses for consistency.
  • Sometimes, the submitting author uses an e-mail address for the presenting author different from the one the presenting author uses while registering in ConfTool.
  • Another cause could be a simple typo in the e-mail address that the submitting author entered.

B) Use the function "Create User Accounts from the List of Authors" to automatically generate new user accounts for authors, co-authors, presenters or other persons listed in submissions who do not have a user account yet.

Example: A submitting author has entered the name and e-mail address of a co-author who is supposed to present the contribution at the conference. However, this co-author neither has a user account yet, nor is he / she registered for participation. This function will e.g. identify all presenters who do not have a user account and create new accounts for them. Use the bulk e-mail function to inform those specific users with automatically created user accounts.

This function can be found here:
Overview => User and Participant Management
For further information, please read this entry in the forum:
Creating accounts for co-authors/presenters who are not users, yet

C) Use the function "Check Status and Database Consistency of all Users".
It verifies or sets the user status (e.g. Author, Presenter) of each ConfTool user, e.g. after you have changed the acceptance status of a contribution.

It can be found here:
Overview => User and Participant Management