Topic: Identify presenters who are not yet participants and create user accounts for them / invite them to participate  (Read 35153 times)

We are using ConfTool Pro for paper submission and reviewing as well as participant registration.
We want all presenters, i.e., users who are going to present an accepted paper, to register for participation at our conference.

How do we find out the presenters who do not hold a user account and are not yet registered for participation?

How do we send them an invitation e-mail for participation at the conference?

(A German version of this article is available.)

ConfTool Pro offers a special function that allows you to automatically generate new user accounts for authors, co-authors, presenters, symposium chairs and discussants / panelists listed in submissions who do not yet have a user account.
These persons have been entered as contributors in a submission by the submitting author, but have themselves not yet registered as users, and are therefore hard to identify.

You can find the function to create the new user accounts on the following page:
Overview  => User and Participant Management => Create User Accounts from the List of Authors

Choose from the options that are offered and start the process (see image 1).

ConfTool Pro will use the given e-mail addresses in the submissions and check if there is a corresponding user account.
Furthermore, the first and last name as well as the organization will be used to look for similarities.

When you call the function, a list of persons affected will be generated.
In this list, you have the following options (see image 2):

  • If there is a close match (discrepancies are marked red):    
    • You can add the e-mail address of the person without an account as the secondary e-mail address of a registered user.
    • You can replace the e-mail address in the submission with the (supposedly correct) one from an existing user account.
    • You can create a new user account.
  • If there is no match:    
    • You can create a new user account for this author.

In the second part of the page, you can choose if you want to inform these persons about their newly created user accounts. You can compose your own message (e. g., include an invitation to register for participation) and also include codes for usernames and passwords, which are generated automatically during the creation of new user accounts (see image 3).

Alternatively, you can use the bulk e-mail function at a later time to inform these persons:
Overview => Bulk E-mails => Send E-mails to a Group of Users
Use filters, e. g. "Filter by registration date" to identify the correct users.

You can find additional information regarding sending bulk e-mails to special user groups here:
E-mail reminder to authors/presenters who are not yet registered participants