Topic: How to define the presenting author / presenter of a paper  (Read 112072 times)

How can we allow submitting authors to determine the presenter of the contribution themselves?

(A German version of this article is available.)

The setting for the determination of presenting authors is done for each submission type / track individually.

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
and in the section “Settings for the Submissions Form of this Type or Track” choose the appropriate setting for the option “Presenting Author”. You can allow to select one or several presenting authors.

Please be aware that this setting applies only for the "normal" submission page.
The presenting author can always be entered during the upload of the final version / camera-ready copy of the submission.

Please note: In the list of users, the submitting author will be marked as "Presenting" if a submission was accepted (i.e., an acceptance status was assigned to the submission that indicates that the submission will be presented).
However, if a submission has one or more authors selected as presenting authors and there are user accounts in the system with matching e-mail addresses, these co-authors will be marked as "Presenting" instead of the submitting author. (See Image 1)
More details can be found on page Status "Presenter" (Presenting Author) is not correctly set.

There is an additional setting that determines if an author with the role of the presenting author will be marked as presenter in the list of users.
You can define for each acceptance status if the corresponding contributions will be "presented".

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Manage Acceptance Status
and edit the relevant statuses. You can define for the option “Will contribution be presented?” that the submitting author automatically will become the presenter of the contribution once this status is assigned to the submission. This function does not override the assignation of presenting author(s) by authors themselves. You will have to enable this function to make the submitting author or chosen presenter appear as a presenter in the list of users. (See Image 2)

Presenting authors are underlined in all views pertaining to submissions, e.g. here:
Overview => Submissions & Reviews => List of Submissions
(See Image 3)

Presenting authors will be marked as such, i.e. presenters, in the list of users once you have enabled the function for a status and assigned the status to a submission. (See Image 1, above)

Please note: If you update the settings of an acceptance status, you might have to call the function
Overview => User and Participant Management => Check User Status
to update all user statuses.