Topic: Access to paper uploads for moderators / session chairs  (Read 31395 times)

We would like to give our moderators / session chairs / session discussants, who can currently access the abstracts and authors’ CVs only, access to the uploaded papers.
How can we grant only these users access to the uploads of submissions?

As administrator you have the option to set the access to the paper downloads for each session separately.

To grant exclusively moderators / session chairs access to the downloads, please go to:

Overview=>Scheduling=>Create, Configure and Delete Session

...and choose the session which needs to be edited. For the selected session(s) you need to change the option "Can the contributions be downloaded?" to "Yes, but only by chairs and session moderators" (see image 1).

To edit several or all session at once, please hold down the CTRL and/or the SHIFT key respectively (see images 2 and 3).

Please keep in mind that the download of submissions has to be enabled for related submission types / conference tracks.  
To check the download settings, please go to:
Overview =>Settings= >Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks

...and make the submissions accessible if necessary (see image 4).

Now moderators / session chairs will have access to the uploads when they use the page "Information for Session Chairs and Moderators".
They can also to access details on the sessions they are going to moderate when they open the agenda and click on the session(s) for which they are selected as moderators / session chairs.

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