Topic: Conference agenda - publishing proceedings online (with abstracts and downloads)  (Read 42567 times)

We want to publish the conference proceedings online, including the abstracts and the full papers as downloads. How can we do this?

Please note: For bigger events we strongly recommend to have a web-designer create customized proceedings for your main website.
You can use the export functions of ConfTool to get the required data. Please refer to:
How to Create a Browsable Copy for CD, USB Flash Drive or your main Website of the ConfTool Agenda and
How to Export Data for the Conference Proceedings

You can also use the output of the conference agenda pages of ConfTool directly.
1. To enable the conference agenda and make it available online, e.g. to serve as the online proceedings, please go to:
Overview => Conference Program Scheduling => Main Settings for Conference Session Overview
- Set the phase and activate it (see screenshot below).
-  In the section “Default Settings for Conference Agenda”
    - choose “Yes” for “Show Abstracts” if you want the abstracts to be displayed and
    - choose “Yes” for “Show Downloads” if you want users to be able to download uploaded submissions.

2. Please note that you can also select for each session if the abstracts and downloads are available to the public.
Please go to:
Overview => Conference Programme Scheduling => Create, Configure and Delete Sessions
to change these settings.

3. Furthermore, you can select for each submission type / conference track if the uploaded files are accessible to the public.
Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
edit the corresponding track and scroll down to "Download Settings" to change these settings