Topic: Display and access options for the conference agenda  (Read 30026 times)

We would like to make the complete conference agenda, i.e. the session overview, accessible to all users.
On this page, only the title of the submission should be displayed.
We don’t want neither the abstract to be shown nor a download of the full paper to be made available.

You can change the settings for the display of the conference agenda here. Please go to:
Overview => Scheduling => Main Settings for Conference Session Overview

In the first section “Conference Agenda: Show Overview Page with All Conference Sessions”, make sure that the module is enabled and that the start and end dates are set correctly.

In the section “Display and Access Options for the Conference Agenda” you can choose from three different settings for the option the “Access mode to Conference Agenda” (see image):

You can make the agenda...
  • visible to general public: choose “Public access with link on the ConfTool login page” from the dropdown list.
  • visible to all users of ConfTool: choose “Public access”  from the dropdown list.
  • visible only to registered participants: choose “Access only for registered conference participants” from the dropdown list.

In your case, choose “Public access” to make the conference agenda visible to all users of ConfTool.

In the section “Default Settings for Conference Agenda”, for the options “Show Abstracts” and “Show Downloads” choose the setting "No" in order for neither abstracts nor downloads to appear on the overview page (this setting will be used as default for new sessions, please see second part of answer below).

Furthermore you can change the settings for each session individually.
  • You can limit the session visibility to specific user groups and
  • you can decide whether abstracts  will be visible and uploaded contributions downloadable on the conference agenda.

Please go to:
Overview => Scheduling => Create and Modify Sessions
... and edit the corresponding session.

Go to the section "Access to Contributions in Session Overview for Normal Users" (see image).
  • For the option "Limit Session Visibility to User Group", define which user groups will be allowed to have access to the session.
  • For the options "Are the Abstracts Visible?" and "Can the Contributions Be Downloaded?" choose the settings that fit your needs.

NB: You can select several sessions and edit the options for all of them in one go when you hold the CTRL key and click on all the sessions that you want to adapt.