Topic: Changing Prices for all New Registrations after People Have Already Registered  (Read 33688 times)

This entry refers to several questions:
  • For our event, the fee for participants increases after a certain number of tickets has been
    . How can we represent this pricing model in ConfTool Pro?
  • We have just decided to change the price for one or several events / items for all new registrations. How can we do so, although many people have already registered for participation and without changing their registrations and prices?
  • We want to change the dates of a time discount, even though registrations for the conference already exist. Can we do so if the installation for the conference is already running? Already received booking must not be affected.
(A German version of this article is available.)

As administrator you are able to adjust or add time discounts. However, it is important that the updated or added time discount must not relate to already existing registrations, i.e., updated or newly inserted time discounts should begin in the future.
As long as you stick to this rule, there are no problems to be expected.

Adding a new time discount is a suitable method to change the prices and / or available options for all registrations after a specific date.
Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Manage Time Discounts
... to create and update time discounts.

Create a new time discount that starts tomorrow to add new rates or options. Use the input fields to enter the title for the time discounts in the languages used in ConfTool Pro, a short name, and define the period in which your new time discount should be effective (see image 1).

Please consider that the time discount has to be consistent with already existing discount groups (see image 2), i.e., there must be no gaps or overlaps. Therefore, if a new time discount is added, please make sure that the “old” time discount covering this period is updated. If it ends at 11:59 p.m. and you let the new time discount start right after at 12:00 a.m., existing bookings are not affected.

Also, please do not forget to define the prices of the new time discount.
Please go to:
Overview=>Settings =>Prices
... to update the prices.
Enable the expert settings (click on the cog wheel at the bottom of the page) and disable the check boxes to hide corresponding events/items using this price category (see Image 3).

Some related topics are available in the support forum. You can find information about updating prices and how to hide events / items for certain participant groups or time discounts.