Topic: Where do I change prices? How to inform participants about prices changed.  (Read 87065 times)

Shortly before the start of the participant registration we had to recalculate.
Where can we adjust the prices in ConfTool?
How can we inform users or participants about price changes?

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There might be a need to change prices, e.g. because pricing structure has changed.

You can change prices here:
Overview => Settings => Prices

Please enter the new prices and press the button "Save Prices" to save your changes.

If participants have already registered using these prices, the corresponding fields will be grayed out and you will not be able to change them anymore. However, you have these options:
  • Create a new time discount that starts "tomorrow" and enter the prices for these new registrations.
    You will find more information on how to proceed here:
    Changing Prices for all New Registrations after People Have Already Registered.
  • If the change in price structure affects current participants with existing registrations, too, then please contact us. We will carry out the changes for you and inform you about the participants who are affected by the price change. You can then contact them about further steps (e.g. back payments).
You can inform users about upcoming price changes here before they register for participation:
Overview => Bulk E-Mails => Send E-Mails to a Group of Users

If you want to inform participants about change in prices for events they have already booked, then use this bulk e-mail function:
Overview => Bulk E-Mails => Send E-Mails to Participants
Use any of the filters to narrow down the group of recipients, e.g. the filter “Events and Items”

You can find more information on how to use bulk e-mails here:
Sending Bulk E-Mails with ConfTool.