Topic: Where do I change prices? How to inform participants about prices changed.  (Read 82978 times)

There might be a need to change prices, e.g. because pricing structure has changed.

Prices can be changed here:

Overview => Settings => Prices

Please enter the new prices and press the button "Save Prices" for saving the new prices.

If participants have already registered using these prices there are several options:
- Create a new time discount that starts "tomorrow" and enter the prices for these new registrations.
- Contact us and we tell you how to change prices also for the existing registrations. But this also changes the existing invoices and totals! So you will have to contact all participants about this change.

If you change prices for existing registrants, too, please update all registrations here:

Overview => User and Participant Management => Check Consistency of Participant Data

If you cannot find this option, you can add the parameter adminParticipantsCheckConsistency to the URL manually, to check the consistency of the participant data. Example:
https: //

You will then see who of the participants already registered will have to be informed about updated costs.