Topic: Hiding events / items for certain participant groups or time discounts  (Read 94722 times)

We are configuring the registration for our conference and would like to hide certain events / items of the registration form for some of the participant groups.

Is there a way to conditionally hide events / items on the registration form?

(A German version of this article is available.)

Yes, it is possible to limit certain events / items to specific participant groups (i.e. hide them from others) or time discount phases.

Example 1: You want to offer extra dinner tickets to participants with a regular fee but not to students.
Example 2: You want to offer goody bags only to early-bird participants.

Each event / item has a price category that is connected to it. For each price category you can define the prices for participant groups and time discounts independently. You can also completely disable prices for specific participant groups or time discounts altogether within price categories. This is the option you will need.

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Prices

Enable the expert settings in the lower right corner by a click on the cogwheel icon (see images).

Now, if you want to remove an event / item with the corresponding price category on the registration form, please just deselect the related check box in front of the price.
The related events / items will then no longer be visible to these participant groups (settings: see image 1) or within specific time discount phases (settings: see image 2).

You find a more detailed instruction in the documentation for the Configuration of the Participant Registration:
Example 4: Status as a powerful tool – enabling access to certain events / items only for special participant groups

Please test your settings!