Topic: Filter out submissions for which the presenters have not registered for participation  (Read 41322 times)

(A German version of this article is available.)

We only want to include submissions in our conference agenda if the presenter(s) has / have registered for participation.

Is not too easy to identify submissions where (exactly) the presenting author has not yet registered for participation, as – depending on your configuration of the ConfTool system – there can be submissions without presenting author or with one or more presenting authors and if a presenting author was defined, the author might not have a user account yet.
Therefore, there is no filter to directly list the corresponding submissions.

You have the following options:
  • We always recommend using the ConfTool function first that checks if all (co-)authors are already connected to their corresponding user accounts. You can find more information here:,297.0.html
    Please note that you can as a first option just check if the same e-mail addresses were used for authors and users and update the addresses of the user accounts or the authors if required. In this case, you can still contact a responsible author of each accepted submission (via the submitting author if the presenter has no user account yet) and ask them to make sure that each presenter will register in time. Alternatively you can also create missing user accounts for the selected presenting authors. In this way, you make sure that there is a user account for each presenting author in the system, but there is a higher risk that the e-mail is not correct or the authors have registered themselves using slightly different personal data with a second user account.
  • To make sure that the status “presenter” is set correctly for all user accounts, we recommend to run the following consistency check before you further evaluate the status of all users:
    Overview => User and Participant Management => Check Status and Database Consistency of All Users
    Usually the status is updated automatically, but if author details or acceptance statuses are updated and new users accounts are created, sometimes the status of older user accounts are not up to date.
  • If you want to contact all authors of submissions for which neither the presenting nor the submitting author has registered for participation, we recommend using the list of users. ConfTool Pro marks the user account of the submitting author of each paper as "presenter" if no user account could be identified for the presenting author of a submission (or no presenter was selected). This makes sure that at least one person with valid e-mail address will always be considered for each submission. Please see:,295.0.html#msg661
    This makes it easy to filter out all presenting authors who have not yet registered via the “list of all users”. Please use the filter option "Only Users with Status" and set it to "Presenters of accepted contributions who are NOT yet participants" here (see Image 1):
    Overview => User and Participant Management => List of All Users
    You can find the same filter in the bulk mail function to users.
  • If you have many submissions without selected presenting authors and want to include only submissions in your conference agenda if at least one of the authors has registered for participation, you can use the method described here:,211.0.html#msg474
  • If you want to perform a detailed analysis and see if all presenting authors of all submissions have registered as participants, please use the export functions of ConfTool Pro. Please go to:
    Overview => Data Import and Export => Export Data
    … and choose the export option "Export of Authors with Contribution Details".
    Please remember to filter by an acceptance status for accepted papers only before the download (see image 2).
    First, sort the list by Paper ID and remove all other columns which are not of relevance for you. You will probably need at least the columns „Paper ID”, „author_person_ID", „author_is_presenter" as well as „participant_registration_date, participant_status, participant_total, participant_amount_paid, participant_amount_open" and „participant_canceled".
    Now you can check for each submission if at least one presenting author (or all presenting authors) has registered as participant and/or has paid. Where you can find no registration you might want to double check the list of all users, as the system primarily compares the e-mail addresses to identify user accounts of co-authors. Therefore some people might have registered with another address and might not have been identified automatically.
  • If you do not use ConfTool Pro for participant registration and still want to be able to keep track of the submissions for which the presenting author has already registered for participation, you can use two different acceptance statuses. Please create a second acceptance status, call it e.g. “Accepted – no Registration” and assign this status to all the submissions without registered authors. Please see:,213.0.html#msg477