Topic: Canceling registrations with cancelation fee and reimbursing a partial payment  (Read 44999 times)

We have received several requests for cancelation from participants who have already paid the full conference fee. We impose a cancelation fee.
How do we cancel the registration, delete the payment in the ConfTool system and enter the cancelation fee?

(A German version of this article is available.)

The process to cancel a registration with payment consists of two steps:

First, cancel the payment, i.e. refund the corresponding amount to the participant. Usually, you use the same method to refund the money that was also used for the payment, e.g. by wire/bank transfer or your credit card gateway to return the correct amount. More information on how to reimburse through online payment gateways is available on the page Reimbursing payments via PayPal, Stripe and other online credit card payment gateways

As many payment methods are not directly linked or do send automated messages about refunds to ConfTool, you will additionally have to replicate this action in ConfTool (this is not necessary for PayPal and Ingenico gateways).

Please go to the list of all registrations for participation:
Overview => User and Participant Management => List of All Registrations for Participation
Search for the respective participant and click on "Manage Payments" in the right-hand column.

Choose the payment you want to refund and click on "Refund or Delete Payment" (see image 1). On the next page, go to the section "Create a Refund/Cancelation for the Selected Payment" (you do NOT want to completely delete the payment!). In the field "* Refund Amount", enter the amount that you want to refund and - if applicable - detract the cancelation fee from that amount, i.e. enter a smaller sum than the participant originally paid. Click on "Refund Payment" to confirm the transaction in ConfTool (see image 2).

More information on canceling and deleting payments can be found here:
Changing payment status / cancelation of payments

Second, cancel the registration for participation (so far we have only taken care of the payments).
Please go back to the list of registrations for participation:
Overview => User and Participant Management => List of All Registrations for Participation
In the right-hand column "Action" click on the button "Cancel".
For the cancelation status, choose "Canceled participation with cancelation fees" (see image 3).

On the next page,
  • either enter the cancelation fee in percentage in the “Discount” field (Example: If the participant has to pay 20% of the participation fee as cancelation fee, enter a discount of 80%).
  • and/or enter an additional amount or refund for the cancelation fee in the field “Extra Fee or Credit”,
  • or - in case the total amount due shall be returned, but a service fee levied - enter a discount of 100% in the "Discount" field and the total amount of the cancelation fee in the “Extra Fee or Credit” field (see image 4).

Finish this action by clicking on one of the “Cancel Registration…” buttons.

More information on canceling registrations for participation can be found here:
Canceling or deleting registrations for participation

The updated invoice will appear in the user account of the respective user and will be marked “Invoice for the Canceled Registration”. Any amounts due will appear directly in the user account.

In the overview lists, to be able to see the canceled registrations or payments, please activate the option to show also / only canceled registrations (see image 5).