Topic: Changing payment status / cancelation of payments  (Read 50946 times)

Where can I cancel a payment that has been recorded erroneously?
What do I have to do if the check of a participant bounced / a participant canceled a payment after its recording in the system?

Please go to:

Overview => User and Participant Management => Participants

Search for the respective participant and click on his / her name to see the "Details of the Participant's Registration".
Please select "Manage payments" to access all payments related to this participant.
  • Now you can delete payments entered erroneously. (We do not recommend to edit or delete payments for other reasons. Instead, please create a new entry that reflects the new transaction.)
  • To enter a cancelation (e.g. if the payment was canceled or refunded after its recording in ConfTool or if a check bounced), please create a new entry with a negative payment amount (See Image 1).