Topic: Changing payment status / cancelation of payments  (Read 54173 times)

Where can I cancel a payment that has been recorded erroneously?
What do I have to do if the check of a participant bounced / a participant canceled a payment after its recording in the system?

Please go to:

Overview => User and Participant Management => Participants

Search for the respective participant and click on his / her name to see the "Details of the Participant's Registration".
Please select "Manage payments" to access all payments related to this participant.

Now, please select the payment you would like to delete from the list and then click on the button "Refund or Delete payment" (see image 1). On the next page click on the button "Delete Payment" (see image 2). As it was not really intended to record a payment, we recommend to remove the check mark from "Send Confirmation E-Mail" before.