Topic: How to add an extra / customized payment option to the registration form  (Read 36735 times)

Neither of the payment options ConfTool Pro offers meets our requirements.

  • We want to use our own, independent accounting program to keep track of the payments.
    Then we want to inform participants during the registration process that they will receive an invoice via mail with payment details and our own invoice number.
  • We want to allow local participants to pay cash before the conference at the conference office.

How can this be done with ConfTool Pro?

(A German version of this article is available.)

You can add up to three individual payment methods to the registration form.

The payment options are set on the page:
Overview => Settings => Manage Payment Options
Scroll down to the section “Extra Payment Options”.
Choose “Yes” for “Extra Option 1” and save your settings (see image).

Click “Edit Phrase” below the new option and adapt the wording of the corresponding phrases to suit your requirements:
S_PARTICIPATE_PAYMENT_EXTRA1: Text will appear as payment option during registration.
S_PARTICIPATE_PAYMENT_EXTRA1_SHORT: Text will appear in overview lists and on individual participant data - once registered - as chosen payment option.
S_INVOICE_PAYMENT_EXTRA1: Text will appear on the invoice and in the confirmation e-mail.

For the text phrase "S_INVOICE_PAYMENT_EXTRA1" you can use personal codes such as {person_ID} or {person_fullname}.
You can find more information here:
Adding personal information to the confirmation letters

If you do not need any of the standard payment options, you can simply deactivate them.

If you do not want to show invoices to participants, disable user access to invoices and payment receipts. Go to:
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Participant Registration
In the section “Invoices and Taxes” choose “No” for “Show invoices to participants?” and “Issue pro forma invoices?”.
In the section “Payment Receipts” choose “No” for “Show receipt to participant?”.

Alternatively, you can provide the participants with pro forma invoices instead of invoices. We recommend updating the wording in ConfTool Pro and changing the term "invoice" into "pro forma invoice" (or another term that is fitting). For more information, please consult the forum entry "How to issue pro forma invoices / quotations only?".

Please remember to test the new option and the wording by registering as a participant.

S_PARTICIPATE_PAYMENT_EXTRA1: By bank transfer / wire transfer. You will receive an invoice with the payment instructions.
S_INVOICE_PAYMENT_EXTRA1: Please wait until you receive an invoice with detailed payment instructions on the bank transfer.