Topic: How to issue pro forma invoices / quotations only?  (Read 531 times)

Our organization has a separate system that has to be used to issue all official invoices. Therefore we do not want to use the invoice function of ConfTool Pro. However we would like to show the registration confirmations and/or pro forma invoices and/or quotations in ConfTool Pro (instead of the invoices).

How can we proceed?

(A German version of this article is available.)

ConfTool Pro has different functions to issue pro forma invoices first and to issue invoices only if a registration was confirmed by the organizers and/or the payment has been recorded in ConfTool. Please consult the forum entry "Difference between Registration Confirmations, Pro Forma Invoices and Invoices" for more information.

However, these options do not work in this case, as the ConfTool system will still create invoices when a payment is entered in ConfTool.

Therefore we recommend updating the wording in ConfTool Pro from the term "invoice" to "pro forma invoice" (or another term that is fitting).

To do these updates, please go to
Overview => Settings => Wording and Phrases
and enter the keys listed below into the search field "Enter Part of Phrase":


Please click on the button "Edit Phrase" to update each of these phrases (see screenshot) with your preferred terms.

Please test your updates.