Creating Name Badges and the List of Participants

In order to print name badges and the list of participants from ConfTool Pro, it is advisable to use the data export feature and a corresponding serial letter. It allows customizing the printout exactly to the requirements of the organizers.

ConfTool provides no integrated function to print name badges directly from your browser, as there are countless label sizes and formats. Furthermore, the ideas and concepts to design such printouts differ considerably. But the according documents can be produced quite easily and quickly by using the ConfTool data export, an office program, and a “form letter” (“serial letter”).

Data Export

Log in as administrator or conference assistant and open this page:
Overview => Data Import and Export => Export Data

The export function offers many options to export data. To create name badges please use the option „Export Participants for Badges and Vouchers“. You can add additional data to the export when you select one of the checkboxes, e.g. to include the selected events / items or the total sum. 

You can use the formats CSV and XLS (as XML formatted file). The CSV format can be processed by many different programs, such as OpenOffice and Filemaker. The XML/Excel format, however, can be opened directly by Excel or can be used for further processing with XML tools.

Please click on "Create Export File" at the bottom of the page to start the export and save the file locally.

Image 1: Export Data for Badges - Click on image to enlarge

Opening and Customizing the Data

Please start Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc to open the file. With regard to Excel, the file can usually be opened by a double click. The CSV format must be imported and converted to open it in a program. Please consider the character encoding. ConfTool normally uses „UFT-8“ (also called “Unicode UTF-8“, see Screenshot), however, the character encoding depends on your installation. Former versions of ConfTool used mostly ISO-8859-1. Please pay attention to special characters on the import preview page; the wrong character encoding has been selected if these characters are not shown correctly.

Image 2: Set UTF-8 language character encoding - Click on image to enlarge

You can also delete unneeded columns if you like to.

It is advisable to save the imported data in the „native“ format of your spreadsheet program, i.e., „Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (*.xls)“ or Open Office „ODF Spreadsheet“, as these programs might have problems to provide the data for a serial letter without first saving the data in the native format.

Creating the Form Letter

Now you may open "Microsoft Word" or "OpenOffice Writer" to create your form letter (serial letter). Please start the “mail merge” wizard to create a new form letter or use one of our form letter templates for name badges and lists of participants provided at the bottom of this page.

The screenshots show examples how to start the “mail merge” function in different versions of MS Word and in OpenOffice. Choose the exported file as source file. You can edit the recipient list and add rules.

Continue to customize the document.

Hint: If you have enabled one of the options for the online participant list / conference profile pages, you will find two additional columns in the export: "badge_fullname" and "badge_organization". These are the names entered by the participants specifically for the purpose to be printed on the name badges. You will find the corresponding templates below, the file names include the ending "_with_official_list_enabled_.doc".

Image 3: Serial Letter Word 2007
Image 4: Serial Letter Word 2010
Image 5: Serial Letter Open Office

When you complete the mail merge of your form letter, your name badges or your list of participants will be created. You can save the output as a new document or send it to the printer.


A documentation on printing form letters that provides information for most versions of Microsoft Word can be found at:

Instructions for OpenOffice can be found here:


We provide templates for form letters for participant lists and name badges. If you create a new, other, or better template, please send it to us and we will be pleased to publish it.