Topic: Can participants cancel their registration themselves?  (Read 43580 times)

How can participants cancel their registration themselves?

Participants (usually) cannot cancel their registration, they have to contact the organizers.
You can find more information about how organizers can cancel registrations for participants here:
Canceling or deleting registrations for participation

We can change the configuration of your ConfTool installation so that you will be able to offer your participants the possibility to cancel their registration for participation. To enable this feature, the configuration file has to be altered. It is not accessible via the web interface, therefore you have to contact us.

We make the necessary changes for your installation upon request only.

In most cases we advise against this option, as canceling the registration by participants may cause certain problems.
Please keep these factors in mind:
  • This feature should only be activated for events without participation fees, as refunds must be handled manually in ConfTool.
  • If the registration came with a fee, canceling the registration will also change the content of the original invoice and the total amount due. If the invoice is changed, the old invoice of the participant will be overwritten in the database and a new invoice with the same invoice number but with a total of 0 or the amount of a processing fee will be generated in its stead. This could lead to accounting problems on your side. You can still access the old registration details in the user log of ConfTool Pro and the old invoice in the e-mail log.
  • You will not have to deal with the drawback above when you are using ConfTool version 2.8, which features multiple invoices and cancellation invoices. However, refunds will still have to be handled manually.

Once the feature has been activated by us, go to this page:
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Participant Registration
In the section "Users Can Cancel Their Registration for Conference Participation" first activate the module and set a start and end date.
Make sure that for the option "Condition for Canceling Registrations" you choose a setting that corresponds with your requirements (see image).

With the option "Cancellation Mode" you can define if a cancellation fee is levied automatically when partipants cancel their registration.
When you choose the setting "Cancellation fees are charged" please further define a discount in percentage participants will receive on the original fee and/or a fixed cancellation fee (see image).

Please do not forget to test your settings thoroughly before going live with this feature:
How can I test the settings?