Topic: How to keep the ID the same for abstract and full paper / final version  (Read 77287 times)

For reference reasons you might want to keep the ID generated by ConfTool the same for the abstract submitted and for the corresponding full paper submitted later on.

When you do not have another reviews process for the full papers / final versions you can use the "final version / camera ready copy" feature of ConfTool Pro for the full paper uploads.
Using this feature the ID will stay the same for abstract and full paper.

To allow the final upload of accepted contributions please go here:
Overview => Settings => Conference Phases and Deadlines
and enable the corresponding phase "Final upload of accepted contributions (camera-ready copies)" (see screen shot).

You also have to enable final uploads for the corresponding submission type and select the required number of files.
Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
We recommend to ask for two files: A "pdf" upload for reference purposes, and the source (e.g. "doc, docx"), so you can edit the files.

NB: If you called the contribution type "Abstract" it is probably also advisable to rename it to something more general like "Submission".

Please note that upload of the final version is only possible for submissions with the status "accepted" (or another status that allows final uploads). So you have to define the acceptance status before you can use this function.