Topic: Confirmation letters for attending single event(s)  (Read 2156 times)

We want to issue confirmation letters to our participants that refer solely to the participation at a single event (like a workshop or special session) and not the whole conference. How can we proceed?

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You can create and activate confirmation letters for single events.
These letters can then be downloaded by the corresponding participants when they log in to ConfTool.

Enable the confirmation letter for single events
Please head on over to the settings page for events and items and edit the relevant event:
Overview => Settings => Manage Events and Items
Please first activate the expert settings by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on "Expert Settings Disabled" or the cogwheel icon.

In the section “Confirmations for Attending this Event”, choose an appropriate setting for the option “Issue Confirmations for Participants” and set a start and end date to define the phase during which the participants can access the confirmations (see image 1).  Please save your settings now.

Each confirmation letter includes standard wording at the beginning, but you can define your own phrases for each letter via the link “Define confirmation wording now” (see image 1). A list of supported codes can be found in the next section.

If this not the first letter you create for an event, you can also copy the wording of another confirmation letter.
In that case please select the source letter in the dropdown list and then click on the button "Define confirmation wording now" to copy and edit the definitions.

Please use the preview function to download the confirmation as a PDF file (see image 2).

Supported Codes
The following codes are supported as part of the wording of the confirmation letter:
{person_id} = ID of user
{person_name} = first and last name of user
{person_fullname} = full name (including academic title) of user
{person_firstname} = first name of user
{person_lastname} = last/family name of user
{person_organisation} = organization of user
{person_organisation2} = department of user
{person_country_short} = short name of country (always in English)
{person_country_selection} = country name in currently selected language

{event_shorttitle}  = abbreviation of event
{event_title} = title of event
{event_datetime} = event date (and time)
{event_location} = event location
{event_info} = input from field “Information”
{event_external_resource} = external resource
{event_number} = ID of event

Please always test your results, i.e. preview the letters.

Access the letter(s) as participant
Participants who have booked a certain event and meet the requirements to access the confirmation letter can do so by logging in to their account.
In the box “As participant you have the following options:” they can use the link “Confirmation for Attending ‘Title of Event’” to download the PDF file (see image 3).

Access the letter(s) as admin or organizer
As an admin you can always access the confirmations for single events for each participant who has booked the corresponding event.

Go to the list of participants and open the page “Details of the Participant's Registration” by clicking on the participant’s name. In the box “Actions” use the PDF icons for the option “Confirmation(s) for Single Events” to download the corresponding file(s). Hover over the icon to show a tooltip with the title of the event (see image 4).

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