Topic: Setting invitations letters, including logos, headers and footers  (Read 41344 times)

We would like to add some graphics and a signature to the invitation letter.
How can we do that?

(A German version of this article is available.)

ConfTool offers a letter of invitation for authors, a VISA invitation letter and a confirmation letter for participants.

In order to change the settings for confirmation and invitation letters, please go here:
Overview => Settings => Settings for Confirmation Letters

First, don't forget to select who may have access to this letter (the letter is not to be sent by mail, it is available to the users / authors after login within ConfTool Pro).

You can upload a signature yourself. Please go to the option "Signature for Invitations and Confirmations" and click on the link "Upload or Update File" (see image). Then continue to upload an image with reasonable resolution. The maximum file size is 500 kilobytes. Please test the result by downloading and opening a confirmation letter.

If you want us to include a different header (or an additional footer) or have difficulty uploading the signature, please send us these as images.
The preferred file format is PNG, the file names are logo-confirmation.png, footer-confirmation.png and signature.png.

Header and footer are automatically scaled to full width, but the maximum height is 260px.

The signature is automatically scaled to height.
Hint for local installations only: If you need a higher signature, you can upload a file called signature-fullwidth.png that will always be scaled to full width and the height will be set correspondingly.

Please click on the following link for additional information regarding the visual setup of confirmation letters:
General information about invitation and confirmation letters for authors and participants

More information:
  • For local installations: file names are

    If the signature has to be bigger, a file with the name signature-fullwidth.png can be uploaded, which is always scaled to full width and where the height is calculated accordingly.
  • We can upload different signatures for the confirmation letter, the invitation letter and the visa invitation letter for you, if the signatures are different on one or several of these letters.
  • Please create and send us these files, which we will upload for you:

    These files will be taken into account first for the corresponding confirmations and will replace the general file signature.png.