Topic: Content, layout and appearance of invoices  (Read 5581 times)

Our finance department has sent us an invoice template we are supposed to use.
How can we insert it into ConfTool as an invoice layout?

How can we modify the invoices created in ConfTool?

Please note that the overall layout of the invoice is fixed. The invoices show the information legally required. The table with the invoice line items consists of the events / items that were booked by the participants during the registration process.
However, you have still many different options to fine-tune the appearance and content of the invoices:
  • You can enter and change basic information regarding the issuer data, such as tax number or address, on this page:
    Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Participant Registration
  • We can add logos on the top of the page for you. Please send them to us in print resolution and tell us how you want them to be arranged. You will find more detailed information here:
    Logo for invoices, confirmation letters, statements
  • The invoice line items are generated from the events and items defined by you here:
    Overview => Settings => Manage Events and Items
    Title, Event Date and Event Location as well as the price will appear on the invoice (see images 1 & 2).
    Please use comprehensible titles for each event / item.
    Do not add required information to the event / item groups, as this information is not shown on the invoice.
  • If you want to include text from the field “Information” on the invoice, please use these pseudo HTML codes to display them:
    <important>This text appears on the invoice.</important> (see images 1 & 2)
  • You can change the wording on the invoice, e.g. the introductory paragraph when you go to this page:
    Overview => Settings => Wording and Phrases
    … and enter “S_INVOICE_TEXT” in the search field. Then continue to edit the corresponding phrase.
    Please also have a look at:
    How to issue pro forma invoices / quotations only?
    … to find more detailed information on how to update the wording of invoices.

Please always test your settings. First, create a test participant registration to check if the registration process is easy to understand. Then go to the list of participants and in the column “Total Amount / Invoice” click on the date to open an invoice. Please remember to check both the HTML and the PDF format of your invoices.

If you encounter any kind of problems or have special requirements, then just drop us a line.