Topic: Logo for invoices, confirmation letters, statements  (Read 54028 times)

We want to add the logo of our organisation on all printouts that are generated by ConfTool: invoices, statements and confirmation letters.
Can we do that ourselves?
Moreover, we want to have it on the left-hand side of the printout. Can we do this as admin users?

We will answer this question in two separate answers.
This first answer is for most of our clients who have decided for the hosted version of the system.

In this case, please contact us via e-mail, include the image and specify the position of the logo. You cannot change the logo or the position of it yourself, we do that for you. Usually we do already insert the logo during the installation.

NB: There are special settings available for invitation letters and if you want to include a signature, please see entry
Setting invitations letters, including logos, headers and footers

This second answer is for users of ConfTool who use a local installation.

Per default, the logo for invoices, confirmation letters and statements is justified to the right. You just have to upload a GIF file "logo-invoice.gif" to the public (htdocs) directory of ConfTool to place a logo there.
The maximum size allotted for the logo in ConfTool is 640px*80px, smaller images will be aligned to the right, above the sender address. Logos larger than this size will be automatically downsized to fit the space.

To have a centered or left aligned image, use a full-width white image and place the logo in the center or on the left on this background, i.e., use your graphical software to change the position of the logo, keeping the total width of the image.

To increase the quality of the printout, we encourage you to use an image with twice the resolution of the normal logo, i.e., with 1280px*160px. It will be downsized automatically in ConfTool and thus have the appropriate resolution for a hardcopy printout.

You can user our templates to simplify the process (see image 1 - please remember that the file has to be saved as GIF with 256 colors and the name has to be logo-invoice.gif!).

See image 2 as example for an invoice logo that has been aligned to the left-hand side.