Topic: Two-phase reviewing process: How to convert late abstract submissions to full papers manually  (Read 2465 times)

We use a two-phase review process as described here:
Two-phase review process: How to review abstracts and full papers? 

We have just added one late abstract.
Can you explain the process how to accept this abstract and copy it to a full paper now?

Please follow the following steps:
  • Please make sure that the acceptance status for the abstract is set (for instance "Abstract Accepted").
  • Optional: You might want to update the ID of the abstract if it has an ID not normally used for abstracts but that is in the range of those used for full papers (for instance 1150 instead of 150). To do so, please go to the details of the submission and in the right-hand column "Actions" click on "Change Contribution ID"  (see screenshot 1) to change the ID (e.g. subtract 1000 from the ID).
  • Now copy the abstract to the full paper track. Again, go to the submission details again and in the right-hand column "Actions" click on "Copy as New Contribution" (see screenshot 2) and then select the correct submission type on the next page (see screenshot 3) and save it as a new submission. Do not upload any files.
  • You might now want to change the ID to the matching full paper ID. Please go to the full paper details and select "Change Contribution ID" to enter the right ID (abstract + 1000).

Finally, please inform the author that she can upload the full paper now.