Topic: Allow authors and/or chairs to copy/duplicate papers  (Read 82587 times)

We would like to allow authors to submit papers to several tracks easily. Each of these submissions shall be reviewed separately. How can this be done?

We would like to copy a few late abstracts to full papers manually for a two-phase review process.

One of the papers shall be presented twice at the conference. How can we easily create a copy of this contribution?

You can enable an option that allows copying of submissions for chairs and admins and/or also for "normal" authors in ConfTool Pro.

Please go to:
Overview =>Settings =>Main Settings for Paper and Abstract Submission.
Scroll down to "Copy Submission Option" where you can allow copying submissions in two different ways: "Only admins and conference chairs can create copies of submissions", or "Also authors can use an old submission as template to create a new submission" (please see Image 1).

The first option allows users who hold an administrative role to copy any submitted paper if they go to:
Overview =>Submissions & Reviews =>List of Submissions =>Contribution Details
(see Image 3, upper green box).

If the second option is enabled, not only administrative users can create copies, but also submitting authors can create duplicates of each of their own submissions (see Image 2), regardless of the track / type of submission.

Please note: Additionally, admins get the option to copy sub-papers submitted for a symposium into single papers if they use the button "Create New Single Paper from Submission Paper" (see Image 3, lower green box). This function is described in detail in the ConfTool Support Forum, please see this entry:
Create new single paper from Symposium paper.