Topic: Create new single paper from Symposium paper  (Read 83013 times)

Is it possible to extract sub-papers submitted as part of a symposium submission to standalone paper presentations and keep the details of the original sub-paper?

For our conference we enabled symposium submissions with the option to submit several sub-papers. Starting our review process, we realized that reviews can be done for the contribution to the symposium only, but not for the sub-papers. Basically, we need the option to review and accept or reject each sub-paper separately. Is it possible to change the settings to enable reviews of sub-papers independent from the reviews of the contribution?

The system does not offer the option of having distinct reviews for the sub-papers of symposium submissions, and only one review result can emerge from the review process for each submission, i.e., it can be accepted or rejected entirely. Divergent results for any of the sub-papers are not supported.

However, it is possible to copy each sub-paper into a separate submission if you enable the "Copy Submission Option".

Please go to:
Overview =>Settings =>Main Settings for Paper and Abstract Submission.
Scroll down to "Copy Submission Option" where you have the option to allow copying submissions by using "Only admins and conference chairs can create copies of submissions" (please see Image 1).
Please note that you can also use "Also Authors can use an old submission as template to create a new submission". The features of this option are described in this entry of the ConfTool Support Forum: Allow Authors and/or Chairs to Copy/Duplicate Papers .

Admins and conference chairs now get the option to copy/change sub-papers submitted for a symposium into single papers on the details page of the submission. Here, they can click on the button "Create New Single Paper from Submission Paper" (see Image 2, lower green box).