Topic: How to allow authors to submit a paper after the deadline  (Read 84718 times)

The submission deadline will be tomorrow.
  • What happens if someone tries to submit after this deadline?
  • Is there an option to enable a grace period?
  • Is it possible to allow some authors to submit or update their submissions after the deadline?

There is no specific option to allow all authors to submit papers after the deadline, but there are several other options.  First, you can also set a grace time for authors to complete their submissions or uploads they have already begun before the deadline (if they are currently in the progress of doing so). Second, there are three alternative ways to allow submissions if authors passed the deadline.

  • You can update/prolong the submission deadline “secretly” if you disable the automatic display of the submission deadlines to authors and announce an alternative "official" deadline. Please find related information in the ConfTool support forum entry: Hide deadlines from authors.
  • You can create an extra submission type for late submissions with a later deadline. This is advisable if you want to attract more authors, but still keep your planned processes for all submissions that arrived in time. The advantage is that you can handle/treat the late submissions separately from the regular submissions.
    To create the extra submission type, please go to Overview =>Settings =>Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks, and create a new type (e.g. called “Late Submission”) by copying your regular submission type. Now set alternative deadlines, please see entry in the ConfTool Support Forum: How do "alternative deadlines" for submission types / conference tracks work? (and  images 1 and 2 on the corresponding page).
  • Allow selected authors to submit their paper after the deadline by using the user status "Approved to submit" (see image 1).  Please note that the authors require a user account and that the use of this status has to be enabled in your installation first (see image 2).
    Also, please see section 2a) of this entry: Assignment of user roles