Topic: Creation of account for another person with data from own account and / or common email address / group registration  (Read 93963 times)

We got a request that several colleagues from one organization want to participate at our conference.  Is there any option to create user accounts without entering the same data (e.g. the address) every time? And is it possible to register several participants with a common group email address?

Group registrations are not well supported in ConfTool Pro, as (usually) each participant needs a separate account, but the process can be simplified when you activate the following settings.

Both options are available and the required settings can be done independently of each other.

1.   You can allow participants to create another user account and register another user for the same organization by copying the user details.

To activate the “Copy Account Option for Participants” please go to
Settings =>Settings for User Registration =>Main Settings for User Registration and Management,
and enable the function accordingly (see image 1).

Now normal users who are already registered as participants have the option to create an additional user account (or several accounts) with the user details of their account already filled in (image 2).

Please note that the name of the source user account will not be copied and the e-mail address will be copied into the field “Personal Assistant E-mail (cc E-mail)”, to allow entering the name and the e-mail address for the new user easily. Furthermore, you are logged out from your own account as soon as you register another person.

2.   Allow users to create several user accounts with the same mail address.

Please be informed that it is only available if the system is used without the module for submission and reviewing. If you need to manage submissions and reviews with ConfTool, e-mail address are used to identify authors and co-authors, therefore they have to be unique.

If users should have the option to register with a common e-mail address (e.g. an e-mail address to reach a specific organization, institution or group) you need to change the setting accordingly. On the already mentioned page "Main Settings for User Registration and Management" (see path above) please go to "Login and E-Mail Address", and change the setting to "Login only with 'user name'/'password' combination; allow several accounts with the same email address" (image 1).

Additionally, there is always the option to register several participants with the same e-mail address by an administrator or organizers.
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