Topic: How to create a collective invoice and allow one group payment for a group of participants  (Read 44561 times)

The institution of a group of our participants will take over all fees of their members and they want to receive one invoice with the fees of all their members and settle their fees in one payment. How can we achieve this in ConfTool?

Usually user accounts are used for natural persons only and not for corporate entities.
Moreover, each participant needs a separate account.
Furthermore, automatic group registrations and group payments are not supported by ConfTool.

However, you can assign the total amount of a registration to one particular user manually.
This will create one invoice with the total amount and allow the corresponding user to pay the total fee of the group.

We recommend creating a specific participant group for the members of the group first to keep an overview of the following process. Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Manage Participant Groups
… and click on the button ‘Create New Participant Group’ (see image 1). Create a “Short Title” and “Group Title”. As this group should not be visible for users during the registration process, choose the option ‘Group is NEVER shown to normal users (only to assistants and admins)’ (image 2).

Please don’t forget to define the prices for this participant group/status here:
Overview => Settings => Prices
The price should be 0 for each category, as the members of the group won’t pay their fees themselves (see image 3).

During the registration process, each participant of that group will first have to choose the participant group that applies to him / her, including the corresponding fees for all events / items chosen.

Then the organizers will have to pick one user as ‘group leader’ after consulting the institution of the corresponding group.
Please calculate and note the total sum of the fees of all members of the group.

Please be aware that ConfTool comes in one of two different invoice modes.
Depending on which mode you use, the following steps will be slightly different.

Mode A:
Please edit the registration of the participant who is the "Group Leader". Add the total fee of all other group members in section ‘Extra Fee or Credit’ (image 4, red box). Please don’t forget to enter a reference into the field ‘Title’ and to choose the correct VAT rate. Finally edit all related participant registrations and change the status to ‘Group member’ (see image 4, green box).

Mode B:
First, edit all related participant registrations:
Select the button "Edit Registration Date or Participant Group" and change the "Participant Status / Group" to "Group member" (see image 5). This way, all registrations will be free of charge.
Then, edit the corresponding transaction of the participant who is the "Group Leader".
Add the total fee of all other group members via the option "Extra Fee or Credit".
Please don’t forget to enter a reference into the text field and to choose the correct VAT rate (image 6).

Now the ‘group leader’ can pay the registration fees for all members of the group in one go, and all other group members don’t need to pay their own fees.

Hint: Some organizers create extra participant groups for each group registration in order to keep them separated.
But you can also e.g. use the “internal remark” field to note which person belongs to which group.