Topic: How to extend deadlines  (Read 83021 times)

How can we extend the deadlines for submissions of contributions?

You can change deadlines at any time, also after they have already passed. This has no influence on the contributions that have already been submitted.

If you want to extend the deadlines for all submission types or tracks, then head on over to this page:
Overview => Settings => Conference Phases and Deadlines
In the section "Submission and Upload of Contributions" for the option "Set Start and End Date" choose a new date for the end of the phase.

If you want to extend the deadline for only one specific submission type or track, please follow the instructions for alternative deadlines here:
How do "alternative deadlines" for submission types / conference tracks work?

Please note that you can also deactivate the automatic display of deadlines and the time left counter.
Hide deadlines from authors
When the submission deadline has expired and you do not want to reopen the submission phase again but add a few individual papers, you can carry out the submission procedure for the corresponding user as administrator or chair.
Submissions on behalf of authors by admins and chairs