Topic: How to give discounts for certain conference fees only  (Read 98852 times)

We want to waive participation fees for the key note speakers we invited to the conference and this option should not be publicly available during the registration process. Is there a simple way to register them for the conference without the main conference fee, but with the regular prices of excursions and other sub-events?

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There are different ways to provide a remission of fees and charges for a specific group of participants on specific items of the registration if you don’t want to allow a total discount:
  • As an organizer you can edit the registration form of the key note speaker and provide a discount manually. Please scroll down to the section "Extra Fee or Credit (only visible to admins and assistants)", enter a title like "Exempted from participation fee" and the corresponding negative amount to compensate the participation fees (see Image 1).
  • If you want to give a discount in percentage of the total fee, please use the field "Discount" and enter the deduction there (see Image 2).
  • You can create an extra "Participant Group" that is not visible on the registration form for normal users, and register the invited persons for the conference without participation fees in this extra participant group.
    Please go to
    Overview => Settings => Manage Participant Groups
    and create the required participant group. Give it an appropriate name, e.g. "Key Note Speakers". Please uncheck the box “Group Enabled and Visible” (see Image 3). To exempt this group from the participation fee please go to
    Overview => Settings => Prices
    and define the price accordingly (see Image 4). As soon as these steps are completed, you are able to edit the registration form for this specific group of participants accordingly (see Image 5).
  • You can also make a reduced fee available for a particular group of participants by creating registration codes. In the Support forum you find
    more detailed information.
  • If the participants does not need to pay any fees, select the corresponding participant in the list of participants and choose "Edit registration" in the right column.
    The window "Edit Participant Data" now appears and in the section "Payment Details" choose "Admission free of charge (only visible to admins and assistants)" and save the setting. See:,201.0.html
  • If the user is not yet registered as participant, you can use the user status called "Registration fees waived". If the persons already hold a user account, this status allows them to register for participation without having to pay any participation fees. To be able to assign this special user role, please go to:
    Overview => Settings => Settings for User Registration => Main Settings for User Registration and Management
    and activate the option "Show user statuses 'Approved to submit' and 'Approved to participate'" (Image 6). This also activates the status "Registration fees waived".