Topic: Invitation of participants to whole event free of charge  (Read 100488 times)

Some of my students are going to register for participation for the conference. I don’t want them to pay any fees for the conference as this is their first and it should be a learning experience for them.

If you deal with a small number of people, you can always set the admission to be free of charge after the registration has been done by the participants.

First, the registration has to be finished by the relevant participants.

Then, please go to:
Overview > User and Participant Management > List of All Registrations for Participation

Select the corresponding participants and choose "Edit registration" in the right column.
The window "Edit Participant Data" now appears and in the section "Payment Details" choose "Admission free of charge (only visible to admins and assistants)" and save the setting.

The payment mode "Free" will appear in green in the column "Pay. Mode".
Should the participant have already paid, the amount paid will appear in red in the column "Paid".

If you deal with a larger number of invited people, please also have a look at:,189.0.html and