Topic: Changing early bird prices for participants with delayed payment  (Read 50631 times)

We have several participants who have registered as "early birds" but failed to pay the fee in time as stated in our terms and conditions to still be eligible for early bird prices.
Their registration now should fall into the normal price discount group.
What is the easiest way to change their registration fees to reflect that change?

(A German version of this article is available.)

For these kind of participant registrations in which the discount was granted during registration but the payment has not arrived in time to be able to grant the discount (see also: Granting the time discount: on date of registration or date of payment?), you can either change the registration date manually to a date in the "normal" registration phase or you can also do the following to change the prices of their registrations:

First, create a new participant group:
Overview => Settings => Manage Participant Groups
Give it an appropriate name (for instance "Early bird registration with delayed payment") and make sure that only admins can choose this status. Therefore, disable the option "Group Enabled and Visible?" by changing the setting to "NEVER shown to normal users" (see image 1).

Next, define the prices for this new participant group.
Use the same price for both the early bird and normal registration time discount categories (see image 2).

Finally, change the registration for participation, i.e. the participant group, for all affected participants.
Please go to the list of all registrations for participation:
Overview => User and Participant Management => List of All Registrations for Participation
… and use the extended filter function to search for the corresponding participants
(e.g. using Time Discounts: "Early Bird" and Payment Status: "All Participants with Open Payments").
Click on "Edit Registration" in the right-hand column "Action" (see image 3).

Continue on the next page and change the participant status to the newly created status group and save the changes (see image 4).

Don't forget to inform all affected participants about the new total fee.

NB: If there are many participants affected, you can also contact us and we help you with the status update.