Topic: Granting the time discount: on date of registration or date of payment?  (Read 68166 times)

We have an early-bird registration phase for participants. What happens when participants register on the last day of the early time-discount phase, but pay their fee several days later?
Will the prices be automatically adjusted to the moment the participants pay?

For early-bird registrations / time discounts only the date of the registration for participation is taken into account.

Many participants don't have much influence on the payment process and its speed, since it might be processed by the institution or company they work for.
Thus the time disount refers to the date of the registration for participation only.

However, you can set the terms of registration and payment for participants and change the registration date manually, if the payment terms are not abided by.

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Wording and Phrases
and define the phrase for the terms of registration for participation in this string: "S_PARTICIPATION_REGISTRATIONTERMS"

In order to check for overdue payments, please go to:
Overview => User and Participant Management => List of All Registrations for Participation
From the drop-down list "Payment Status" choose any option without payments that fits your needs and which corresponds to the terms of registration for participation (see second image).

You can also send these participants a reminder via the bulk mail functions of ConfTool.

There are two ways to update the prices for early registered participants with late payments.
1. We usually recommend the method described on the following page,
as it allows you to reproduce all your changes very easily:,268.0.html

2. Alternatively you can also update the registration dates for all participants, who no longer fall into the "early-bird" category.
Go to the list of participants and click on "Edit Registration".
In the section "Registration Date", change the date of registration to the first day of the normal registration phase. Click on "Updated prices (do not save data yet)" to get a preview of the new prices. Check the new prices and "Save Participant Data". In this case we suggest to choose "Save Participant Data and Send a New Confirmation Mail" and also include a "Supplemental Text for E-mail Message" to inform the participant about the changes in prices and the new amount due (see first image).

Please be aware that existing invoices and pre-printed receipts will be overwritten with the new payment details.