Topic: Define number or text length of bibliographical references  (Read 61253 times)

In connection with paper submissions we want to allow up to 4 bibliographical references only.
How can we define a limit of references in ConfTool Pro?

There are several responses to this question, depending on the exact requirements.

  • If you want authors to upload their contribution as files, then the answer is that the contents of uploaded files cannot be checked automatically.
    Only the number of pages can be checked. For more detailed information please see:,125.0.html
  • If authors shall submit a text only, you can use the online editor.
    For the abstract text field a maximal number of words or characters (including spaces) can be set.  
    A description of the required procedure is available here:,119.0.html

    Therefore, we recommend to use the online editor, if the upper word or character limit should be checked automatically by ConfTool Pro.
    However, only the length of the whole abstract can be checked automatically, you cannot define a test for a part of the abstract as intended for the bibliographical references only.
  • A third alternative would be to ask us to create a customized submission form with an extra text field having a text counter. But that would require extra programming and we would charge an extra fee.