Topic: Changing the max. number of words for abstract submission  (Read 99091 times)

How can I set or change the maximum number of characters or words for the abstract submission field?

The maximum number of characters or words for the abstract text field can be set for each submission type / conference track separately.

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
Select a submission type and click on "edit".

Scroll down to the section "Settings for the Submissions Form of this Type or Track"
Select the appropriate number of words or characters for the option "Maximum Length for Abstract".
Please note that you can select either words or characters when scrolling up or down the list (see image).

Please note:
  • The number of characters also considers spaces.
  • submissions with abstracts that are too long won't be saved by the system.
    However, there is a tolerance of a few words / characters (as there are different methods / standards to count words and characters).
  • The input field for the maximum length also offers the option "Length is not limited".
  • Only the text to be entered in the abstracts text field can be limited. This setting has no influence on the file uploads.
  • You cannot select a maximum number of text lines, as this length depends on the font type, computer and browser being used and may therefore lead to different limits for different users. Thus, the number of text lines cannot be identified automatically in such an environment.