Topic: Limiting the length of paper uploads / check page count for PDF and DOCX files  (Read 113256 times)

Is there a way to limit the length of paper uploads to a defined number of pages, words or characters, similar to limiting the maximal length of abstracts?

The ConfTool system can test if the abstract (summary) entered in the online form complies with a limit of words or characters. See:
Changing the max. number of words for abstract submission

ConfTool Pro can also test the number of pages of PDF and DOCX files, but the length of the content of uploaded files (words or characters) cannot be checked automatically.

To define the file format please go to:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks,
... and proceed to the section "Upload Settings for This Submission Type/Track" and further to the subsection "File Types".
You can define the file extensions for each upload for the option(s) "File Extensions for File No. X" (see image 1).

If you don't enter any file types on this page, the default file types defined on the page for main settings for submissions will be used. They can be set here:
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Paper and Abstract Submission
Go to the section "Defaults for Uploads and Downloads" and enter the file type(s) for the option "Supported File Types".

  • To test the number of pages of a PDF file, please add the valid range in brackets behind the file type.
    Example: Enter "pdf(2-4)" (without spaces) if only PDF files with 2 to 4 pages shall be accepted ["docx(2-4)" for DOCX files].
  • If you just want to set an upper limit, please enter the page limit in brackets only, e.g. "pdf(10)" for PDF files that must not exceed 10 pages ["docx(10)" for DOCX files].
  • For files with a number of pages that do not lie in this range, the author will receive an error message (see image 2).

Currently, all available tools testing PDF files can only test quite basic parameters, like the number of pages, embedded fonts, as well as page size and margins. However, more advanced formatting requirements, e.g. word or character count, paragraph spacing, and font sizes cannot be checked reliably, as PDF is mainly a print format.

Similarly, testing for DOCX is basic in function and will only include the number of pages. Empty pages will also be counted.
Please note that testing will not work with DOC files.

We recommend providing a template and detailed requirements for the uploaded files. If authors do not follow these rules and do not provide a file that meets the formatting requirements, their submissions usually have to be rejected by the chairs.

NB: The file size is always limited (in megabytes) for technical reasons.